Future Projects


Online knowledge Center & Courses


Physical Location

"The HUB"


The C.O.R.E GROUP of Chicago 

We are developing an online course, so our clients can get all the information, they need, to take action, and know exactly what to do. Once completed, the next step will be waiting for you, no guessing  or additional research, you can opt-out or continue all the way to your goal.  

BCD will have a physical location in both Chicago & Atlanta to start, it will house commercial tenant/partners, co-working space, classrooms, workshops, meeting rooms, event spaces, & conference rooms. 

To be more connected to its community, we have created a non-profit organization, design to provide some of the same services as BCD, in addition to social campaigns in education, mental health & diet, community wellness & activities,  financial responsibility, youth wellness, and activities, legal risk & advancements to name some of our programs.