Are you currently unemployed, or looking for something more, we have a option for you, it doesn’t cost a college tuition nor is it designed to take your money with no opportunity at the end, we train and place students with clients that are looking to hire, we also focus on training personnel in leadership roles, its a difficult task for small businesses to vet, and find capable staff, especially more difficult finding leaders, understanding what a business needs to grow is the core of success, and becoming an asset in your chosen industry. We are looking for individuals that are laser focus on becoming more than just a name and number, and is willing to do the work, maintain a professional demeanor on and off the clock, remember you grow with the company, and the smaller the company the more you learn, and the faster you grow.   


How does it work?


  1. Fill out an application,

  2. Take our aptitude test for approval,

  3. Set up a free consulting session for goal setting,

  4. Sign agreement for program & Placement opportunities, 

  5. Take assignments & advance training.   


Step 1 Prequalification

          Step 2             Vetting & Training 

Step 3
Job Placement


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