If your tiered of the hassle of looking for a contractor, negotiating costs, getting them to the project, and paying for bad work, we have a better option, our contractors go through a training program to set a standard process that each applies to our clients.


We work with you to set the budget, create the scope of work, and assign the right contractor for your specific needs, it does not matter if you are a home owner or a commercial client we have a service tailored to your needs, we also offer special training programs for clients with multi-state needs such as property management firms, and property preservation clients, fill out the questionnaire and someone will contact you within 24 hours. 


Some of our Services offered:


  1. Monthly property maintenance services, 

  2. Needs assessments,

  3. Project pre-construction design & planning, 

  4. Project management services,

  5. Contractor/vendor referrals (you are the prime),

  6. Site inspections with written report, 

  7. Code compliance repairs, 

  8. Senior property assessment & maintenance services, 

  9. HOA, cost management services, 

  10. Capital Improvement management.   



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